Percussion Performance Project

Team building with drummer and sound artist Stefan Weinzierl

If a football team does not find "its rhythm", then "things are not running smoothly".
If everyone in a band plays their own rhythm, there is more noise than music.
And if in a company "everything diverges", if the rhythm, if the interaction is not right, then the result will generally not be good.

"The team is the star" - this applies not only to sports, but rather to every form of joint activity, and especially to companies. 
People with naturally different personal interests need a common rhythm in order to increase their performance as a team. Yes, the individual human being indeed only feels comfortable in a group when the collective rhythm, the groove, is right.

The Workshops
The prerequisites are ideal: Every person has a heartbeat. And that's all it takes. By playing and experiencing rhythm together, creative processes will be triggered in the group. 

In Stefan Weinzierl's team building workshops, the waste bin becomes a drum, the broom a tapestry of sound, and the own body will be a drum set. Drumming on everyday objects will become a holistic experience. 
And this time, the starting level will be the same for each team member - from the trainee to the CEO. Because nobody has studied drum buckets or rhythm brooms - all will be beginners. 

At this workshop, teams will find a shared pulse absolutely detached from the work routine, develop team spirit and have a lot of fun. This requires perfect collaboration, in which all team members interact in a group-dynamic manner, react to impulses from the others, take on responsibility themselves and optimally coordinate with each other. Like this, communication processes, cooperation skills and social behavior will be strengthened - and a team grows together at the same rhythm.

With "PPP" teams can:
- Unleash creativity
- Promote team spirit
- Enhance the sense of community
- Discover skills
- Increase the ability to cooperate
- Improve communication processes
- Trigger group dynamics
- Strengthen self-confidence
- Have fun


Percussion Performance Project


  • Drummer and sound artist
  • Moderation and supervision
  • Instruments for rent (e.g. barrels, canisters, cups, hoses, buckets, shakers, wood, brooms & drumsticks)

10-200+ persons

2-3 hours


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Throughout Germany

from 59 € per person

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