Survival IChallenge

The playing field of the iChallenge superimposes onto the landscape like a puzzle. And you will find your way through the depths of nature only with the help of your iPad. Keeping an eye on the positions of the rivals, you will start searching for hidden puzzle pieces. Switch to the offline mode to hide your position and confuse the other teams. In the chat room you can report on your successes and comment on the pictures of the other teams. This new trend is called "Location Based Gaming" and takes you and your team to different places of flora and fauna, be it a foxhole or a certain tree that needs to be photographed. On site, the software automatically triggers the puzzle that can only be solved at this specific point. Take photos, scan codes, find geocaches or answer questions. And all of this against each other, for example in the forest and against the clock. Constant communication via the chat room and following the other teams on the integrated map make this game an interactive and exciting team event.


Survival IChallenge


  • Introduction of the teams
  • Game master for supervision
  • iPad for every team
  • Individual tasks
  • Geocaches, QR codes, tasks involving questions, videos and photos
  • Use of the iChallenge app
  • Group photo
  • Moderation
  • Award ceremony
  • Medals in gold, silver and bronze

10-200+ persons

2-3 hours


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Throughout Germany

from 49 € per person

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